Sue Chenoweth

Phoenix, Arizona USA

Lago das Artes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July, 2012


Artists like myself often get caught up in the everyday rhythm of art making and the constant struggle to balance our lives so that we are able to survive while creating. It is wonderful to know that organizations such as the Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art (phICA) are actually looking after us. phICA has been working on my behalf all the while I have been busy making art. They have helped me pause and pull my head above water to see what could and can be. Without phICA giving me the opportunity for my first international exhibition along with a 5 week residency in Rio de Janerio, Brazil I would still be in my ‘art cave’ creating art and looking at shadows. I am very grateful to phICA for this unique opportunity.
— Sue Chenoweth, Phoenix
Sue Chenoweth: Predator and Prey Exhibition Catalog

Sue Chenoweth: Predator and Prey exhibition catalog from her hugely successful, critically-acclaimed 2009 exhibition by the same name curated by Ted G. Decker. Fits perfectly into a purse or pocket. $10.00 SUPPLY LIMITED!

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