phICA Critical Art Writing Initiative in a Community Partnership with The Arts Beacon

phICA launched its Critical Art Writing Initiative in December, 2014. The need for critical art writing in Phoenix, as well as in other cities, is paramount and lacking. Currently in Phoenix, there is a handful of writers, most of whom cover art exhibits in reporting-style texts. Artists as well as people in the community need critical feedback and information to offer new ways to view, appreciate, understand, and enjoy contemporary art. This ambitious new initiative is designed to help fill that void. Our vision is to tap into the technical experience of writers in Phoenix who are active or no longer active. People from this group will be selected to lead Critical Art Writing workshops which are open to the community for those who want to hone their critical writing skills.  The overarching goal is to present opportunities for critical thinking as a way to be more engaged, better citizens. Potential communities that may avail themselves to these opportunities are young writers interested in learning to write critically and to expand career options, practicing artists who want to learn techniques of criticism for their and other artists’ work, life-long learners and aging adults who want to keep their minds active, and students (late high school, university/college) who desire to fortify their command of the written word.

The Writers

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The Rising Arts Writers Program is an initiative created by The Arts Beacon to encourage, mentor, support and post writings by aspiring locals writers.  With the intention of fostering critical responses to art and artists in the Valley, the RAW Program creates an opportunity for up and coming writers to comment on their own art scene using the platform of The Arts Beacon website while also being a valuable resource for local artists seeking insights into their practice.

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