Azi Amiri

New York, NY/Tehran, Iran

Phoenix Residency February, 2016

I was very fortunate to be invited to show my work at the Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art (phICA). I had a time-based ephemeral installation which was alittle challenging to set up. Having the support of the curator, director and the staff, the installation process was a breeze. It was a real pleasure to work with the phICA’s team who were dedicated, passioned and supportive.
Thanks to the great art community and art lovers of Phoenix, we had a big turn out for the reception night. I got the chance to meet with wonderful sophisticated group of people who were pleasant to talk with, willing to share ideas, and ready to start a fascinating conversation. I hope to go back again for another show at phICA, and meeting up with the wonderful people of Phoenix.
— Azi Amiri