Darcia Mickey Canby

March 17, 2017 – April 16, 2017

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This exhibition focuses on the idea of transcending limitations. My first response to the shipping container galleries on Roosevelt Row was the feeling of confinement and how the art within was working to make the space feel less restricted and restrained. The container was breaking free of its traditional uses and abilities without changing its physical integrity. [un]restricted is inspired by black and white art that displays strong statements and emotions despite its limited color palette. This exhibition is inspired by black and white art that transcends its limitations, much like the shipping and storing containers have by becoming art galleries.

Red means passionate; blue means sadness; yellow means happiness. We all learn the difference between the various colors and their corresponding meanings early in life. Color can be seen as the backbone of visually expressing emotion. Color helps reveal emotions and has the ability to breathe life into works. However, art works without color are not without emphasis and meaning. Artists like Francisco Goya and Pablo Picasso have made immensely important and well known works in art history with a black and white palette. Goya’s Los Caprichos were thought provoking and spirited with a wide arrange of emotions without relying on color. Picasso’s Guernica made a huge political statement and easily evokes pain and suffering to the viewer’s eyes.

When artists work in a limited color palette, other elements become more important in order to evoke emotion. Elements like texture and value are emphasized to compensate for lack of color variety. Albrecht Durer used vast amounts of texture and lines to achieve lifelike works in black and white in his many prints and etchings. This exhibition is not solely about black and white art. Is it about the lack of color in art pieces and how artists use other elements in order to express feeling and emotion in their works. The artists showing here are carrying on the tradition in creating meaningful works that convey strong sentiment and meaningful moments with their audience.

Darcia Mickey Canby
March, 2017

Bailey Doogan Secrete , 2003 Intaglio 22 x 15 inches Private Collection

Bailey DooganSecrete, 2003
22 x 15 inches
Private Collection