Angelica Fox

December 16, 2016 – January 15, 2017



Renew explores the old aesthetic of neo-expressionist style re-contextualized in Arizona’s political and satirical facets of contemporary life. Neo-expressionism emerged in the 1980’s, and was marked by the explicit interest in combining traditional themes with political and emotionally charged subjects. Popular neo-expressionists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, used appropriation of popular and recognizable imagery to bring art into the familiar world.

In Arizona, a state where border disputes permeates our daily lives, the art of Dalen Ward recontextualizes appropriation as a source of validity and legitimacy of contemporary and regional issues. In the presence of conflict and appropriation, Ward’s piece Return Policy invites viewers to become intrigued and consider his work as a starting point of ideas wherein contemplation is not only desired, but demanded.

Renew doubles as the premiere of Dalen Ward and five brand new paintings into the art world. The exhibition has been curated by Angelica Fox, a participant in the second season of phICA’s Emerging Curator Initiative.

Angelica Fox