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Andrea Sherrill Evans (lives, works in Boston, MA)63 views<em>The Tree #2</em>, 2011
Silverpoint and watercolor on prepared paper
22 x 30”
Courtesy of the Artist
Ann Morton (lives, works in Phoenix)36 views<em>Quick Response Code</em>, 2011
Teenage daughter\'s toddler dress, embroidery, QR Code technology, text messaging, felt wall cushions
2.5"H x 2.5"W x 1.375"D (each of the 3 blocks)
Courtesy of the Artist
Bob Adams (lives, works in Phoenix)22 viewsUntitled, 2011
Paper and acrylic ink on canvas
48 x 36”
Courtesy of the Artist
Bruno Belo (Lives, works in Petrópolis, Brazil)49 views<em>Pedalinhos, Vítimas das chuvas no Rio
[Pedal Boats, Victims of the Rains in Rio]</em>, 2011
Acrylic on canvas
48 x 91” (diptych)
Courtesy of the Artist
Carolyn Lavender (lives, works in Phoenix)26 views<em>The Woods - Preservation</em>, 2011
Graphite on prepared paper
24 x 40"
Courtesy of the Artist
Christian Curiel (lives, works in Brooklyn, NY)26 views<em>Untited (Kiss)</em>, 2011
Oil on wood panel
25 x 21”
Courtesy of the Artist
Colin Chillag (lives, works in Phoenix)20 views<em>A Life Well Lived</em>, 2011
Acrylic on canvas
60 x 72"
Courtesy of the Artist
Craig Smith (lives, works in Phoenix)19 views<em>Factory, South Kearny, New Jersey</em>, 2009
Color photography
20 x 20" image size (framed 26 x 26")
Courtesy of the Artist
David Dauncey (lives, works in Phoenix)21 views<em>Self-Portrait</em>, 2011
Oil on canvas
24 x 24”
Courtesy of the Artist
Jerry Jacobson (lives, works in Tempe)36 views<em>Untitled Rust Drawing</em>, 2010
Rust and graphite on paper
30 x 22"
Courtesy of the Artist
Jerry Jacobson (lives, works in Tempe)20 views<em>Untitled Rust Farm</em>, 2010
Found objects & metal, water, corrosion in glass jar
64-ounce jar
Courtesy of the Artist
Jon Haddock (lives, works in Tempe)39 views<em>Fear and the Other Self</em>, 2011
Mixed media - (papier-mâché, extruded polystyrene, epoxy, wood, LEDs)
68"H x 12"W x 31”D
Courtesy of the Artist
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